Ammepude med LIbertybetræk Margaret Annie oliven
  • Ammepude med LIbertybetræk Margaret Annie oliven

Twin breast-feeding pillow Fossflakes, no cover

Fossflakes Family Pillow or Twin Breastfeeding Pillow is designed to provide comfort for the whole family and can be used for the relaxing moments alone or together with your family.

The Fossflakes twin breastfeeding pillow provides great comfort when breastfeeding. In addition you will find this pillow useful for the whole family for years to coe

If you want to make your family moments more comfortable with a pillow that can be used in countless situations - both by you, your children or all of you together then our Fossflakes Family Pillow is the right choice for you.

Fossflakes Family Pillow is also a great help when your child learning to sit because it provides the child with great support and safe boundaries.

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