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New life for the old changing mat? Make your old changing mat as good as new with a new changing mat cover in Liberty of London. Choose between lots of Liberty prints. Or buy a complete set with new changing mat with Liberty of London cover.

Here you´ll also find super soft muslin cloths and Liberty travel changing mats for both boys and girls. You can combine it with a large leather purse ment as a small changing bag within your regular bag to hold your changing equipment to hand when traveling with your baby. Even if it´s just going for a walk, visiting your local café, visiting friends etc.



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    <p>Do you also use an ordinary bag instead of an actual diaper bag when they are on tour with the baby?</p> <p>So you'll need a changing pad when the baby needs to be changed such. at a coffee shop in the woods, in the car, etc.</p> <p>Changing pad is with Liberty velvet on the outside and soft jersey interior.</p> <p>Here's puzzle mats in 2 colors, so hopefully you will both find changing pad for boys and girls.</p> <p>Look at our selection of changing pad easy to slip into your bag.</p>
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