Baby towel with hoodie from Bongusta - striped camel

Bongusta have made theses cute and soft baby towels with a hoodie. The thick and soft Bongusta terry towels are very absorbent due to the heavy weave.

The terry towels are woven in 100% combed cotton with a 600 gram weave to ensure the luxurious feeling of softness to the skin. The many loops of the Bongusta weave make the terry quality ultra absorbent.

100% Cotton 

How to wash new towels? See our recommendations below.

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Size: 50 x 80 cm // 70 x 150 cm

Material: cotton

Brand: Bongusta

Wash: 40-60 degrees C. Tumble or hang dry.

How to wash new towels? 

We recommend washing the towels straight away, give them a spin in the tumble dryer - and you'll enjoy the full benefits of the soft and absorbent cotton. 

If there are any long loops in the towels, don't pull them! Simply cut them off with a pair of scissors. The threads are secured on the back and will not run, when cut. 


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