Bibs Colour 2-Pack Mocha & Dark Oak s. 1

Cherry shaped natural latex pacifiers from the Danish company Bibs. Size 1.

Bibs launched 40 years ago in Denmark with the mission to create a natural latex pacifier made from only the best materials.

Bibs has developed what is now one of the most popular 100% natural rubber pacifiers worldwide and a reputation for a product that always delivers function, style, and premium European quality.

Bib's pacifiers are 100% free from PVC, BPA and phthalates.

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Bib's pacifiers are 100% free from PVC, BPA and phthalates

Shield: 100% polypropylene (PP)

Suit: 100% natural rubber

Approval EN 1400

Size 1: 0-6 m.

Size 2: 6 m.+ Size 2 is an all-around size and can be used from start.

Maintenance and cleaning of Bibs:

The pacifier is sterilized with boiling water before use.

Cleaning: cover the bibs with boiling water in a bowl.

Press excess water from the nipple when cooled.

It is recommended that you change the suits approx. every 6 weeks. Natural rubber can change a little form by frequent use / heat and a very used suture can therefore seem larger than a new suction. Therefore, it may be a good idea that the child has several suits in use at the same time, so there is someone to change with.

The natural rubber part will be tender with time. Therefore, check the pacifier regularly.


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