Striped towel from Bongusta beige - 2 sizes

The thick, fluffy and ultra soft Bongusta terry towels are very absorbent due to the heavy weave.

The striped terry towels are woven in 100% combed cotton with a 600 gram weave to ensure the luxurious feeling in the bathroom. The many loops of the Bongusta weave make the terry quality ultra absorbent. Spoil your self or your loved ones with luxury towels in beautiful colors.

The hangers on the towels are made in the same colours as the towels for a finished look. 

The towels comes in 2 sizes:

Guest towel 50 x 80 cm

Bath towel 70 x 140 cm

100% Cotton 

How to wash new towels? See below.

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Size: 50 x 80 cm //  70 x 140 cm

Material: cotton

Brand: Bongusta

Wash: 40-60 degrees C. Tumble or hang dry.

How to wash new towels? 

We recommend washing the towels straight away, give them a spin in the tumble dryer - and you'll enjoy the full benefits of the soft and absorbent cotton. 

If there are any long loops in the towels, don't pull them! Simply cut them off with a pair of scissors. The threads are secured on the back and will not run, when cut. 


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