Poketle japansk termokop 120 ml. - peach

Poketle is the ultimate lightweight mini thermos. Made from stainless steel, theese slim bottles can easily be stored in pockets and handbags. Poketles biggest feature is its small size.

It holds 120ml, which is exactly the capacity of a cup of coffee.

Thermo kop lavet med klassisk japansk enkelhed.

Easy to carry, lightweight and fits right in to your pockets or a small handbag. It is only the necessary and nothing more. 

With it's 120 ml it is the one good cup of coffee, the carefully made espresso shot or any type of cold beverages. 

140,00 kr.
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CAPACITY: 120ml 

WEIGHT: 115g 

BODY: H131×W45mm  


MATERIAL / INNER BOTTLE: stainless steel 

TRUNK: stainless steel 

CAP: polypropylene resin 

PACKING: silicone rubber 

BOTTOM COVER: silicone rubber


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